Among the top 10 restaurants in Crete.

With Caravella Restaurant, our family managed to communicate their own perspective on cooking and flavor combination. Since 1989, with clear influences from the uniqueness of the Cretan cuisine, we have been basing our dishes on raw materials generously offered by the region, whilst combining traditional recipes with modern ways of preparation. Thus, each visitor enjoys the most delicious and nutritious food the Cretan cuisine has to offer but in a way that is consistent with the modern gastronomy.

Modern Gastronomy

Caravella Restaurant is among the 10 best restaurants in Crete in various tourist guides, a title that we embrace with pride and love for what we do.

Fresh Ingredients

Every day the fishing boats of the area ensure, as well as our carefully selected fishing partners, provide the necessary products daily, directly from the source! Thus, you can enjoy fresh fish, seafood, shellfish and everything else generously provided by the Libyan Sea; this is what makes our seafood menu truly excellent. Of course, our menu also offers dishes with fresh local meat and other home cooked traditional meals.

In our restaurant you will find a wide variety of red, white and rosé wines, 100% organic, exclusively from local vineyards. Sauvignon Blanc, Malvasia, Cabernet, Merlot or Sirah - however you wish to accompany your dish, every label we have chosen and created for you, guarantees a complete tasteful culinary experience!
The location of the restaurant makes the dining experience unique as it is located right by the sea, with unrestricted views of the horizon, accompanied by the refreshing sea breeze; elements that compose the best backdrop for your dinner in the port of Paleochora.

The Caravella Restaurant is where the genuine flavors meet the wishes of our customers. Our staff, as our second family, in perfect harmony with our philosophy, generously offers genuine Cretan hospitality to each and every of our guests.