Live the ultimate holiday experience with the panoramic view of the Libyan Sea stretching before your eyes!


The Nymph of the Libyan Sea.

Once you arrive in Paleochora you will see a seaside town, spread on a peninsula of the Libyan Sea, with mountains in the north that protect it from the etesian winds. Take a few minutes to admire the natural landscape of this earthly paradise.
Looking more closely you will see the ruins of the Venetian castle of Selino region. Don’t miss a walk around it as it is the most picturesque place to visit, full of magnificent narrow alleys. Imagine a place where you can find a windless beach as the winds blow. You guessed it right; these two bays on both sides of Paleochora provide you with the possibility to choose which beach to go to every day depending on your wishes and the weather condition.
Should you not wish to be constantly at the sea, you can enjoy the walking trails (E4 & E1) or visit the astonishing gorges and paths that exist around and satisfy your natural curiosity.
For those who seek religious and historical quests, there are numerous monasteries, Byzantine churches and archeological sites nearby that are worth visiting.
Can all this be combined with quality food and entertainment? The answer is definitely yes: the excellent food, raki and wine - representative of the Cretan cuisine - , the hospitable people, the serenity and, at the same time, the intense night life, complement and outline the personality of this town.
The "Nymph of the Libyan Sea", as Paleochora is alternatively called, is a worldly utopia that will undoubtedly be etched in your memory and heart.


Crystal clear waters.

Diversity on the coastlines, crystal clear waters, various seabed compositions, secluded or busy, organized or unorganized, water sports activities, blue flag awarded beaches are the characteristics that compose the canvas of the beaches in the area of ​​Paleochora. With the most famous beach of "Pahia Ammos" and the less known - but also worth visiting – “Halikia” or “Votsala”, “Plakaki", “Anydroi”, "Volaka", "Krio", "Limnaki", "Gianiskari", "Karavopetra" and "Keratides", you will have a wide range of options at your disposal. Discover each of them and experience the majesty and natural harmony they offer, which, combined with the benefits of the sea will rejuvenate your body and mind on your vacation.
A coastline of about 1 km with golden fine sand, deep blue transparent waters and awarded with a blue flag is the beach of "Pahia Ammos". Experience moments of relaxation and take advantage of the therapeutic Greek sun and sea breeze throughout the day. Let your children play with carefreeness in its shallow waters, enjoy your coffee or drink on the sunbeds under the umbrellas along it, indulge in wind surfing or board surfing. If you wish to enjoy the sea whilst being more isolated, the less organized western part of the beach also provides you with this opportunity. The coastline is so large in extent that it can satisfy a multitude of needs without the feeling of crowdedness.


The place that combines everything.

For night entertainment Paleochora offers a variety of options. From cafes, Cretan tapas bars, taverns, and restaurants, to cocktail bars and clubs, everything intertwines and composes its night pulse, offering everyone the opportunity to find the place they are looking for.


Options for every taste.

Apart from peaceful and relaxing holidays, Paleochora offers a multitude of activities. Explore Selino Castle on Fortezza Hill to the south of the city or visit the Akrites Museum and learn about its history. Enjoy any water sport, diving or walk the trails and explore the E4 & E1 paths and the gorges (Samaria & Agia Irini) that exist around. Rent a boat from the port for a simple tour or for fishing on the sea and the nearby shores. Experience a cruise in Agia Roumeli, Gavdos, Elafonissi, Loutro, Sougia or the town of Sfakia.